Design a logo

The logo is the first visual association of a brand, itself can contain and transfer the message of a company.

The most important features of any logo:

  •  simplicity
  •  originality
  •  versatility
  •  recognizability
  •  consistency of use
  •  appeal to the target audience
  •  informativeness
  •  memorability

It means, Don’t use clip art. However tempting it may be, clip art can be copied too easily. Start with some freehand sketches, and do it as vector-graphic in your computer.

The grids help your work. In this site you get some practical suggestion:

Unique way of designing logo to use negative spaces. Some examples in this website:

Exercise to better draw bezier curves:

Some information to use:

To choose the appropriate colors, use this website:

You can save the right colors as png, and place it to Illustrator.

Your task is to create some (max. three) freehand sketches for your logo, and get some votes from your co-workers (max. five), choose the best, and upload it. Draw it in a vector based programme (Adobe Illustrator), define the CMYK and RGB colors, define the hexacode.