My international internship …unlimited learning possibilities

Make it count Are you tired of books, pencils, and tests at schools? Can't wait to stop making homework and trade all of that for real experience in a workplace in a foreign country? Here you are dude, it will be amazing! New home, new environment, new mates, new tasks, new language etc... During your international internship, you will continue to focus on your professional skills but you will also to go beyond merely just web design and learn much more. Your learning path will become a pinball floor and this playlist will make it more engaging and will help you to track all your experience. Like a little steel ball, you will have to hit the different target without following a predetermined path. Personalize your learning path! Decide when and how to accomplish your tasks! Ready? Hang on one second, before you go for a trip you need to prepare your … survival kit!

2 Activities

What are the critical 21st-century skills every student needs to survive and succeed in our world? What abilities and traits will serve them in a time that’s changing and developing so rapidly?

Starting from these questions, the European Parliament and the Council developed a common European reference framework on key competencies.

This playlist is based on this framework and supports the student to gain awareness of transversal competencies acquired during the international internship through the achievement of several experiences and allow them to gain learning badges.

It has been created for web design students experiencing 3 weeks internship abroad but can be easily adapted to various circumstances and contexts.