‘Mobility Rhapsody’ dedicated to European interns

An internship in a European country will offer you new home, new environment, new friends, new language to share and love. You will test your professional skills at work but also learn much more about life. Be ready to turn your learning path into a pinball floor and track all your experiences. What are you waiting for? But wait..before you go for a trip you need to prepare your … survival kit!

6 Activities

A rhapsody is defined as a piece of music that has no formal structure and expresses powerful feelings. This playlist seeks to combine this music concept with an adventure abroad.

It allows to explore a new country and culture through the “playlist challenges” (=“experiences”) in order to earn badges that will help the player to bear out the new key competences achieved while living, working, eating and… Having fun abroad!

Like a rhapsody there is no structure, players can “play” the challenges in the order you wish. Deal?!