Earners of this badge are able to manage the workflow of a design project. This badge shows that earners have demonstrated the following skills and abilities:

  • Will be able to fill in a briefing with the information of the client and the project.
  • Will be able to gather relevant information for the project through a Moodboard.
  • Will create more than a draft for the same project.
  • Will create a design product with all precedent steps in mind.
  • Will make real the project by printing it.
  • Will present their project to others.
  • Will get feedback on their final proposals.
  • Will show their final product on an exhibition.

The earners of this badge will be rewarded with a visit to a pre-press department of a Graphic Art company in Pamplona creating them the opportunity of meeting people which already work in the sector. The earners of the badge will be notified the day of the final exhibition.


1 Required Step